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Download free True 2D Outline Regular font | True2D Outline.ttf

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True 2D Outline Regular font by Galdino Otten. File script name True2D Outline.ttf download free for Personal Use.

About True 2D Outline Regular font

Free for personal use. Commercial licensing is available at

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Free for Personal Use

This fonts are authors' property, and are either shareware, demo versions or public domain. The licence mentioned above the download button is just an indication. Please look at the readme-files in the archives or check the indicated author's website for details, and contact him if in doubt. If no author/licence is indicated that's because we don't have information, that doesn't mean it's free.

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  • True2D Outline.ttf
    True 2D Outline True2D Outline.ttf

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True 2D Outline Regular fontTrue 2D Outline Regular fontTrue 2D Outline Regular fontTrue 2D Outline Regular fontTrue 2D Outline Regular fontTrue 2D Outline Regular fontTrue 2D Outline Regular fontTrue 2D Outline Regular fontTrue 2D Outline Regular font

True 2D Outline | True2D Outline.ttf

  • Font family: True 2D Outline
  • Font subfamily identification: Regular
  • Unique identifier: True 2D Outline:Version 1. 00
  • Full font name: True 2D Outline
  • Version: Version 1. 00 January 2, 2013, initial release
  • Postscript font name: True2DOutline
  • Trademark notice: True 2D t was created using FontCreator 6. 5 from High-Logic. com L S V ] ` g n q x { â É ö ¬ Ð »   £ ¦ ­ ´ · µ Á È Ï Ö Ý à ç ê ñ ø ÿ ! 2 9 < C J   4 ® # , Å 2 ´ ¥ , Æ # ¯ h g Ò < # 0
  • Manufacturer name: True 2D t was created using FontCreator 6. 5 from High-Logic. com L S V ] ` g n
  • Designer: True 2D t was created using FontCreator 6. 5 from High-Logic. com L S V ] ` g n q x { â É ö ¬
  • Description: True 2D t was created using FontCreator 6. 5 from High-Logic. com L S V ] ` g n q x { â É ö ¬ Ð »   £ ¦ ­ ´ · µ Á È Ï Ö Ý à ç ê ñ ø ÿ ! 2 9 < C J   4 ® # , Å 2 ´ ¥ , Æ # ¯ h g Ò < # 0 Ð ñ Ð $ Ü $ Ö ¸ #0º " î Ê Î " # 4 ® © " z ö = Ü #00 é = ã 7 é # ¸   . é # £ É ² ¬ © ¬ # Ó ä X [ # Ë Ó Ì Ã ¿ #02 ´ # µ B  ë #0 Ý Æ # = Ó - = É "¢ ü ¢ ü ¢ # ÿ ü · ý Ù # ­ ¢ ¦ ñ ` # ö k ô c ö f ç u # î
  • License: True 2D t was created using FontCreator 6. 5 from High-Logic. com L S V ] ` g n q x { â É ö ¬ Ð »   £ ¦ ­ ´ · µ Á È Ï Ö Ý à ç ê ñ ø ÿ ! 2 9 < C J   4 ® # , Å 2 ´ ¥ , Æ # ¯ h g Ò < # 0 Ð ñ Ð $ Ü $ Ö ¸ #0º " î Ê Î " # 4 ® © " z ö = Ü #00 é = ã 7 é # ¸   . é # £ É ² ¬ © ¬ # Ó ä X [ # Ë Ó Ì Ã ¿ #02 ´ # µ B  ë #0 Ý Æ # = Ó - = É "¢ ü ¢ ü ¢ # ÿ ü · ý Ù # ­ ¢ ¦ ñ ` # ö k ô c ö f ç u # î u é t ë t # ñ p î r q ñ ¡ # ü â ñ 1 ô Ð # Ê 6 £ Ð # æ Ø ä ï Ú # J Ò ® Ì K # 8 ì = À 8 8 « # ¬ 8 Ö T R # Ð Á Êÿ[ Öÿ# § î P Þ # - y Ë % # ' É . + Ä û. ¬sÓh }ÄUã$v û\û Yo}öàãÎà xÎû-º Ò «Î÷ɸ÷8·â´ ï ÕÔÔÕÕ««Î ÎÎÎ ÎÜÜ û Î¬â à àã¤ûj[ Õ㪠£÷ ËЫ ӐÕÓä i÷ l÷$o÷2« Ù àÏéե£ÕÙ¡Ï° ÎÕ Õ «ÔÎÎ ÈЪÔÚ ÷4i÷ B» k±[¡Möû>ã p©{Èé Ԫѡ ¶½Éà ÖÐÙ´È «Î¬Õ« ÁÉÃÈ ÉÔ  ã Éö [fXxVfÕoÕwÒ «É{Äâ {Ó{Ôo}äàöäÉ¡öäÐÕ¥ °¦÷@OÎ ` R[ª¬q ÓIKP u yÔy÷z ÿ ÿû& G ùÐ÷C ÷ ÷0Ù¡ p÷s÷´ mm l ÷jã÷j÷j ÷. «÷+Õ÷- ΪÜÑÓ ¬Î ÷ÒÔÓ« ÐÒ¸¬£« ã'l& "z#Ó " Ñû#Î-~YeÕH«fänlHz ÑÔ ä¬Ü¬¬ ä« Ô°£¬± « ځÑÓ­ªÁäî÷ " ÄôÏòó õ®ñõ ÎÕÉÔÄU , Ä ÉÄ« zÎ  Äâ «ÉÎ~t Äû. äû, û. ûnÒûoûn ã Õ ³²Ò³ ªÐ¡ ÜÜäÜ ~÷ û ü> ÎÔÜÔ«ÕÔÕÜÓöÓα Ø ¡Î«´Ôɽ~ à¡}zªo¢ ¬}ötÄe Eeäwɬ  «à ãÉR  ßö » ¡Ü«·ÎÜÚÎÓ÷º«°z¢ö¬ « äÔÒ ãÝä à«¬ÜÎ ÒÜw }}o ggâh ã Éã 2 {ãzÕ} Î °âÎr}  â ãäΐ «ÇÓÝÑ ÿ É÷Q ÷c÷Ü øÐ c^`f[l V ÷~ ¬ ªº¤±±¡Ð ûXû ã Õ Ä ·÷ ÷ Ù Ò ÕÉÔã Ä 9OnPj kZ   .  Ê÷3¬z}Òâ mctlzwãââã QÄ öã¡ ¥ ¢ä÷ Ґ ««ÜÒ«ÄÙ6În ÿø ÝZÝ÷ ´z¥pä ø3´r¬jÕ÷ Äs«kÌ « øù2 gÜ@w Äû ®¬ÝÒ ¡ Ì « ª«§» í ÷¥yÉb B Ӂ} ⠐q ܦrЫ ÉÒ±ª« Ò~¬~ àã~âÉà K @ãÙã¬Î» Ρ«¥ÓÐ ûGÝ Ô ¤éÔ° Ò «àÕÎ vÏ}³Ð½ ÔÎ2 }ÙtÝ k ¤ ¬Î«« ãÒàÐ Ò ÕÔ«Ô¬ ì«öÆÎ ÉÇ ± h aâ] ªö~ö¨x¡ Å ª­¬Ó° fû# yz û âÙp¡ ®È¬¡â k Î7 ä ÜÜä { jª»yi ãÎxk¡uÔovÎu A Õ1{ãwöp Òʤ­r¸ ¡ÐÑ Ï Ùp¡Ô ãGx OÕû]u \É ä ܐÆÓÝ«¡w©ä'zEÄbÎ S ã¢àÏäÐÔÎÕ«Ó« ÝÓöà÷ ÙÑÏÕÙ ÝÔ£âoÜÜ Üά »[EÎ û v ª ¶Î±««« ÷3÷s täN¬u CÑV§p ä rrûWàv ã ÉÉ b j÷ ±²Õ Ù£wr ΐÓà âã7w Ôû B~ öäöä ã Éãz¡F Ì ³ÐÕÝí Ó} àMl « ã Õ Ý « ·ÎºÙ ¦÷J¤ ¨«² Îâä« z lxлk söiû ¬ ¡ê«¦ö ãî Ó ¬Î» ¬£ÉÓ ¡ÔΫ  ¡ÐäÑ Ý ªH¡ÑÏ í Òãã 2M e  ñ «Ü«Î ÜÎΫ ÷ ¡ ÕÔÕ Í Óãâä ag j U}¡ ¡µ¸± k ÕÉÔã J sZd¬ \vv[ ¬Ü ÎÎÎÎÎ Ä « àÜܬ¢sÄà u  « Ó¬ â «ä¡Ü·wö ÿàwù4÷D÷Ï÷=û ÷E÷ä ÷É÷. ÷ÉÕ÷5û ÷. û'÷6û ß÷e÷  î0ú{ùG ~uwÎ e Óû ÔPã «jÑ ñ¦É´È ÷ SÎû u ·r êºXû ccgp wÙ ² ÕàÆ÷ ¯ «Ò« ûÀøo ɐzÓÄà û#M>?. IÆpè µ ¢÷ à± âââÓ yÕ{ÙÒ¡¡ Ä÷  Ò  ÔÔª îPãÕ ä  É«¬w öÎ ÉÉääÉ æû¥ Îܐ ÕÉÔã ÜãÜ~} {â4Üâ X . i¡µ ×ÉÐ÷ É ä¬äÎä «ÜÎÎ » ¬ÕÎ ¢àÝäÔÕÕÒ $ÎÜÎ ÉK v¬FÓû ÜÜ ø§üÏ Üzªã Ä vAh ã Éãihn. w ;Î âx« §û1©û#¬û qàP1z ÎÜÎ ´Éà}÷ ÷§~⦠÷ ÏÒÎ }ã}ö Ü äÜ 7dû5û ] ã ÑÄ÷ Ð °÷ ®÷kÃ÷ Ð÷ ÒÐw±¢ ÷* ÔÒ¡Ò¡ ªâÓ~ ç Óä XâXXÄ£z~s  . û ¢OÁÎÚ ÷C ÕÑ ÷2Ú÷ Ø÷, Ò  ¿ â Î Õ ÕÔÕ ÑuѦ · îÃ ÆÄÉ ÔɵäÕûJãY äªV· ÓÏÑӐ öÑ÷¡ Сά¡  ã§ã¯É « ÂÀ»®½ ÒX¬[^ hTMyG T[Ôc ÜàÎÜXây$ÝA±e ÎÕö«Î÷DÒ À«³u§b çû Ó°û^ EpIUL ü{új ¡9Xw Ä û8û 6û98 s¬oq ûD ×E÷ « ê ¦Ô É«ãÕ ¢÷ ¢¬· «ö ' ÞP㐠լ«« ã û. ¬sÓh }ÄUã$v û\û Yo}öàãÎà xÎû-º Ò «Î÷ɸ÷8·â´ ï ÕÔÔÕÕ««Î ÎÎÎ ÎÜÜ û Î¬â à àã¤ûj[ Õ㪠£÷ ËЫ ӐÕÓä i÷ l÷$o÷2« Ù àÏéե£ÕÙ¡Ï° ÎÕ Õ «ÔÎÎ ÈЪÔÚ ÷4i÷ B» k±[¡Möû>ã p©{Èé Ԫѡ ¶½Éà ÖÐÙ´È «Î¬Õ« ÁÉÃÈ ÉÔ  ã Éö [fXxVfÕoÕwÒ «É{Äâ {Ó{Ôo}äàöäÉ¡öäÐÕ¥ °¦÷@OÎ ` R[ª¬q ÓIKP u yÔy÷z ÿù@÷'X ÷9÷ ÷÷ °øÇ÷Ç ¬÷ µxh b ypr>q t ÜÎ Üά Î rz Ρ~Ï ¤ ¦ï¸¥ ´ Àg¡P@û XÎ ûÀøÓ °ÝzgÎ ] àÉâ~ãà a nu¨Þ Õ÷Ð¬Ñ £ s¤ ~[x6 Qà ´ Ý©© ¥ ½o§X ÷üU û û$û05û3 ÒätÓÄ ÷~ ¬ ÷ à䦣è÷9÷0÷° Ï}÷  û÷üf ã Õ ÓÝzÒ Ò Õ¬«Î â÷7ô÷5÷ ÷2 ÎÔÎ pÒ ÕÉÔãqhÇq ûIûÝ3ûÜ zpÄ ÿ÷à÷ ÷Ô ÷:ÝÕÔö÷ Õ ý÷øµ >Æiï Å ·»Ö§ Ì ¡ã x¡ öµn«Vàä "âN]K B ¤Ô µ³­ó» ´xa z¤ª] J e}rq T +e«Â ÷dø kozns äÉ r rW­ ¤ ¯©¢²¡ ÎΫÎ Ò µo§X Ä Òr °Ïzf à itt}t uvÑÏΣ Ù ¢ Ð  süõ f`z B^µèz ÷ ±ß×Á »Ä÷ö¶·ÐÒ ÑÕ§öªÕÑ Ñ·×» Ä °¦³È´ Ò¦öÔÄîp´OÎ. 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#true#2d#outline#regular#true 2d#2d outline#outline regular#regular font#true 2d outline#2d outline regular#outline regular font#true 2d outline regular#2d outline regular font#true 2d outline regular font#relax#relax fonts#cartoon#download#free#download free#free fonts#download free fonts#true-2d-outline#true2d outlinettf#windows#ttf#true2d#outlinettf#true2doutline#was#created#using#fontcreator#from#high-logic#com#2d t#t was#was created#created using#using fontcreator#fontcreator 6#6 5#5 from#from high-logic#high-logic com#com l#true 2d t#2d t was#t was created#was created using#created using fontcreator#using fontcreator 6#fontcreator 6 5#6 5 from#5 from high-logic#from high-logic com#high-logic com l#true 2d t was#2d t was created#t was created using#was created using fontcreator#created using fontcreator 6#using fontcreator 6 5#fontcreator 6 5 from#6 5 from high-logic#5 from high-logic com#from high-logic com l#l s#s v#` g#g n#true 2d t was created#2d t was created using#t was created using fontcreator#was created using fontcreator 6#created using fontcreator 6 5#using fontcreator 6 5 from#fontcreator 6 5 from high-logic#6 5 from high-logic com#5 from high-logic com l#com l s#true 2d t was created using#2d t was created using fontcreator#t was created using fontcreator 6#was created using fontcreator 6 5#created using fontcreator 6 5 from#using fontcreator 6 5 from high-logic#fontcreator 6 5 from high-logic com#6 5 from high-logic com l#high-logic com l s#true 2d t was created using fontcreator 6 5 from high-logic com l s v ` g n#ö#¬#n q#q x#x {#{ a#a e#e ö#ö ¬#true 2d t was created using fontcreator 6 5 from high-logic com l s v ` g n q x { a e ö ¬

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